Bloody Shooters with Shrimp and Lime

~Nantucket Island~

BLOODY SHOOTERS are a great addition to a brunch, a breakfast buffet or even a lunch. I make them ahead of time and keep them cold until the guests have arrived. The shrimp and lime are prepped in advance and stored in airtight containers in the refrigerator. I like to load them up on a pedestal plate, since they are so small and slender. It gives them height and importance! Adding greenery always elevates anything! Here I just pulled some lemon leaves from a floral arrangement I had. Lemon leaves last forever, are sturdy and can be found almost anywhere.

I bought these shooter glasses at IKEA for a song and a dance. They just make me smile. I don’t know why. I think because they are so tiny and conjure up all sorts of fun things to do with them!

You can use your favorite Bloody Mary mix, or make your own from scratch. When I am on Nantucket, I like to use the local Cisco Brewers Triple 8 Bloody Mary Mix.


  • 2 Qts Bloody Mary Mix
  • 6 Tbs GOLD’S Horseradish (liquid squeezed out)
  • 6 Limes squeezed
  • 2 Limes thinly sliced for garnish
  • 24 Shrimp (medium) peeled and cooked 
  • 2 Cups Titos
  • Lemon Leaves for garnish

Mix together all the ingredients except the vodka, and chill in frig until guests arrive. Remove from frig, shake in the vodka until well blended and pour into the shooters. Garnish each glass with one shrimp and one slice of lime. Serve on your favorite tray and decorate with lemon leaves (they are sturdy and flexible!)