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Yes, Floridians do celebrate autumn with gusto! A true New Englander at heart, I did not expect the post-Labor Day flip of the switch to happen down here on the Gulf Coast. Floridians most definitely embrace the seasonal changes, just as we do up north, and with an ebullient welcome, I might add, including shedding their whiteclothing! While the temps outside continue to…
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My design inspiration for this “chic” dinner on the coffee table came from a coffee table book! I loved the cover shot of Carolyne Roehm’s newest book, Design & Style, A Constant Thread, a recent birthday gift. I was struck by the exquisite raspberry/cranberry color, which works so beautifully in the fall, and immediately thought to incorporate shades of it into my tablescape…
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A Glittery Nantucket Christmas Stroll


In 1973, there were fewer than 6,000 full-time residents. Today, the island is home to an estimated 23,000 full-time residents. Over the past 43 years (26 of which we have attended!), “Stroll” has grown from a tiny three-hour event with holiday delectables and libations, to the Internationally renowned event it is today, drawing thousands from around the world…


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