Style Begins at Home


1.     Molton Brown Eucalyptus shower gel

2.     Canopied Beds

3.     Animal Prints (furniture, wallpaper, shoes, dinnerware, faux skin rugs)

4.     Coffee Gelato with hot fudge

5.     Red Lipstick (“Arthur" by Chanel)

6.     Monograms (on everything)

7.     Breakfast at diners (a diner girl at heart!)

8.     Love in White, perfume by Creed 

9.     Pasta!

10. Louis Vuitton (been collecting since the 80’s)

11. Calla Lilies (My wedding flowers & my daughter's wedding flowers)

12. Summer

13. Veuve Clicquot

14. Book Cases filled with books, photos and memorabilia

15. Tailgates (summer and winter)

16.  Charlotte my Havanese

17. Drawers of ironed napkins

18. Chanel flats (been wearing them for 35 years)

19. Cartier LOVE bracelet (a gift from my husband, which has been on my wrist for 26 years)

20. Chinoiserie anything and everything

21. Dinner out

22. Fresh flowers in my home everyday

23. Ironed Bed Linens (always in white)

24. Diptyque Candle "Feu De Bois" by Bates

25. Grey Goose Martini with Saint Germaine (no fruit)