Tablescaping with Conversation Pieces

I love to use conversation pieces from a collection, memorabilia or souvenirs from our travels, when I "scape" a table.  It adds a homey, personal touch that guests enjoy beyond the traditional floral accents we're accustomed to. And it most definitely sparks conversation!  I purchased these two hand-carved wooden fish from a beach artisan on the island of Tortola many years ago. If you see something you like, grab it! You never know where or when you'll be able to use it. And it will bring back wonderful memories for years to come.

Breakfast with MORNING JOE

My morning begins at 6 am with a cup of piping hot, dark roast coffee in one hand and the remote control in the other, eagerly clicking on MSNBC to watch my favorite two people, Mika and Joe, on MORNING JOE. Recently a friend of ours came to visit us in Florida and joined in with our morning routine of breakfast in front of the TV. I served her a “jazzed up” version of my everyday breakfast of lemon yogurt topped with blueberries and sprinkled with ground flaxseed and chia seeds, warmed baby croissants with raspberry jam, coffee, lemon water and a mimosa!  Add Mika and Joe’s Election 2016 banter and breakfast becomes energized, and we are AWAKE!